Monday, October 17, 2016

First Grade Problems

I always thought I wanted to raise my kids to know that they can come to me and talk to me about anything.

Until Raigen...

The problem is Raigen is too honest!

Yes, I said too honest.

She tells me eveeeerything.

It. Drives. Me. Nutts.

Lately when her sentences start with, "Momma I need to talk to you...."

My respose is, "Raigen, this better be legit."

With this kid I've learned that sometimes Moms just don't need to know everything.

Like, I don't need her to come to me crying and  tell me that she is sorry she thought about hitting her brother when he was picking on her.


That she's sorry that she said "hello" kind of slowly and she thinks it may have sounded like she said a bad word, but she didn't.


That she is sorry she didn't actually go right to sleep, that she just laid there with her eyes closed when I got on to she and her sister last night for talking and not going to bed.

Sometimes I just want to tell her that she is not allowed to tell me things anymore, but then there are times, like this weekend, when I immediately pray and thank God for my little tattle-telling-Raigen.

"Hey, Momma..... I need to tell you a secret." Raigen whispered in my ear, "can we go in your room?"

"Sure, " I said. I noticed her tearing up so I knew this was legit.

We headed into my room and sat down on the bed and she says, " Mom, my friend does bad stuff, but I still want to be her friend."

"What does she do?" I asked, worried.

"She's a cutter,"  she replied, and immediately started crying.

"A what?!" I gasped.

My immediately thought was, a first grader is cutting?!

My next thought was, I am homeschooling.
No, wait! Isn't Stella in first grade, too?
Maybe I can get her in Schmidt Elementary!

After that I asked her how she found out her friend was a cutter.

At this point shes still crying and I am hugging her thanking Jesus that my sweet Raigen tells me everything!

And she replies, "cause I seen her! She cut in front of me in line!"

Now... I don't know if I was more relieved or mad... but either way, I started laughing, profusely, and told her to dry it up and get out of my room before I whooped her for scaring me like that!!!