Friday, October 28, 2016

Bunco Halloween Party 2016

This year I hosted both of my Bunco groups in the same month. I thought it would be fun to combine them and have one big party! I opted not to cook for 24 people so I had a local Mexican restaurant cater it and we used their banquet room. Talk about easy! No cooking or cleaning! Score!
We always have  a costume contest and I always win. This year I couldn't win since I was hosting so I thought it would be fun to do a group costume!
Say hello to the Sanderson sisters!
Seriously, who doesn't love Hocus Pocus!?
While I was getting ready, Raigen asked me which witch from  Hocus Pocus  I was going to be and I responded, "the fat one."
"Oh... how are you going to make yourself look fat?" she asked.
"Raigen did you know you are my favorite kid?" I asked her.
"Yeah, I know." she chirped.
Five minutes later....
"Ta-da!" I was done, "how do I look?" I asked her.
"Momma... would it be rude if I said you already looked fat?....Yeah, it would. " she added, " so I'm not gonna say that."
"Hey Raigen, remember what I said five minites ago?...   I take it back."
Just for fun,  below are some costumes from previous years:
Honey Boo Boo
 Miley Cyrus
 Old Lady Who Lost Her Doggie

White Trash Barbie