Thursday, September 8, 2016

My family is so ..... darling.

Why did I think taking a 1 year old out to dinner would be okay?


What is wrong with me?

Tonight after Raigen's softball game we decided to grab dinner at The Blue Duck.

Apparently Ryker had other plans.

I don't know why people have omitted to remind me not to take my one year old in public and how it is perfectly normal to not eat out with your kids when they are between the ages of  1 to 3 1/2.

I feel like I have PTSD now and memories of my other three at this age are slowly but surely coming back to me.
Sidenote: I need a drink.

Ryker's performance was so loud that he and I literally had to get up and leave as soon as our food arrived because, although alcohol sales were sky-high at The Blue Duck this evening, I was being conscious of those who were trying to drowned-out the screams of my wild child with glasses of Jack & Coke. Someone had to make sure these people could still drive home.

So, quickly, I packed up my food, threw the diaper bag over my shoulder, grabbed Ryker like a football, and sprinted for the door (okay, it was more of a brisk-walk).

As I am on my way out I hear the waitress talking to my kids, apparently she is blind and deaf, because she was confused as to why I was leaving.

And I faintly hear my darling CJ tell her, "she just prolly dont wanna pay for the food." 

And my (equally-darling) Raigen chimed in, "yeah, she likes to spend all her money buying shoes. She's prolly going to by some more now."

And you know what my darling husband said?