Friday, September 2, 2016


I've been thinking about hobbies a lot here lately.

Hobbies are cool. They make you cool.

I use to have a ton of hobbies before kids.

I painted.

I ate out, a lot.

I traveled.

I volunteered for a nonprofit.

I played the trumpet.

I actually cleaned my house.

But now... now... things are different. I am on my ninth year of marriage with four kids and no hobbies.

This is bad.

Reeeeeally bad.

So basically, I am hobbie-less.

Unless you count these:

My kids.
Do I really need to elaborate? From the second I open my eyes my day revolves around these buttheads.

Making lists.
I friggin' loooooove making lists. Who doesn't? I make several a day: grocery list, to-do list, wish I could do list.
I even have a "To-buy" list which includes everything from this years Christmas list to Ryker's next birthday. I see it and like it.... I list it!

Pretending to write a blog.
I cant really call myself a writer because Josh says there are too many grammatical errors, but I do enjoy writing this blog. I em goin to practus to  I can get beeter.

Eating sushi.
I don't do this near as much as I would like. Other than gas station sushi, I cant figure out enough ways to incorporate sushi into my every day life. Unfortunately, it gets pricey so I limit myself to special occasions. I look for any reason to eat sushi. One time I even purposely avoided the grocery store for two weeks so we would run out of food. Nothing in the fridge? Oh.... guess I'll grab sushi. Luckily its only a 45 minute drive there... and back.
Everyone in the car!
We are going to dinner...... in humble!

Taking pictures.
I can't call myself a photographer because that sounds too professional. And  I rely too much on photoshop to make my pictures look good.
Kids aren't smiling?
Photoshop to the rescue!

Online shopping.
I am actually just addicted to packing my cart with stuff that I really have no plans to buy.
My philosophy is, if its still there next week... its meant to be!

I use to love to read.
I went from reading 50 Shades of Grey to  Setting Limits with Your Strong-willed Child.
On so many levels.

Watching Big Brother.
Gosh, I love this show.

So...  yeah. These are my hobbies now. Kind of depressing.

Mother-hood has taken my energy.... my heart.... and apparently, my hobbies, too.