Monday, August 8, 2016


We have a problem at our house. 

Sometimes I give my husband entirely too much control.

For instance, when he decided to abruptly switch our mobile carrier from Verizon to Sprint a couple of months back. I let him.  With out any hesitation (or research) we were signed up with Sprint in one day. Saving over half of what we were being charged by Verizon. 

That's great, huh?

Yep. Except..... 

We don't get service at our new house. 

And we have far less data than we did before. 

Apparently, my extreme (his words, not mine) data usage has sparked an outrage in our house. Which was never been a problem until the switch. I am now causing us to go over our allowed data.

And since J-rock is the one who switched everything over to Sprint they have his phone set up as master or king, or something like that. 

Anyway, he gets some kind of little notification with an option to cut our (mainly mine) data off when we go over or get close. 

Here lately he has been abusing this privilege. 

I explained to him that although he pays the bill it doesn't mean he can turn it off. 

I pay the electricity. Does that mean I can turn it off if the bill if it is getting too high?

For instance when he uses too much hot water?

He didn't understand my comparison.

So I let it go (sometimes you have to do that when you are married) and decided to pick the conversation back up while he was in the middle of a very nice hot shower. 
I never, ever give up, though.

And after a short stand-off he agreed to turn my data back on. 

And I agreed to turn the lights back on in the bathroom.

And to quit dumping pitchers of cold water on him while he showered.