Monday, August 29, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets: CJ's Edition

Why take my kids to see "Secret Life of Pets" when we are living in our own version right now?

Let me explain... while checking out the videos and photos on CJ's iPad I discovered his debut video for his new YouTube channel.
(He doesn't have a YouTube channel, but judging by the video, he wants one.)

He starts off....."Hey guys! Thanks for joining me here again on CJ's reptiles."

Next he gives a shout out to  Snake Hunters Tv.

And I'm all like... "this is so cute!"

He continues..."I'll leave a link to Snake Hunters Tv right here." he says pointing up.

"Like right here... on my forehead." he adds, pointing to his forehead.
(And I'm cracking up...)
Note to self: I'll have to let his IT guys know the link isn't showing up.

 "So who's excited?!...Let's get started!" he exclaims happily.
And at this point, I can't wait.
What's next, what's next!

"Check out my little friend, the Leopard Spotted Gecko. I've been keeping him as a pet under my bed in a box. My mom has no idea."
I'm not laughing anymore.

But wait! It gets better.....

He continues, "What do I feed him you ask? I'm not sure yet. I'm just going to wait until next week and feed him. See yall again later on CJ's reptiles! Bye guys!"

That poor lizard never had a chance...