Thursday, August 11, 2016

The grandma's crocheted shirt trend.

 It's been a few days or so since I bought something for myself, so I'm due.
"What's up with the grandma's crocheted shirt trend?" I asked the lady shopping next to me.

 I really wish I had noticed she was in her 70's before I said that. She totally gave me the stink-eye.

I tried on two of these at the store... including one that was a pretty coral color and I will tell you this, I don't know what they are but they aren't flattering, at least not on me.

I cant say I didn't try though...

I picked out the exact same one on that the mannequin had on and took it in the dressing room and tried it on.

I was scared to even open the door. 

"The key to making it  work is to jazz it up with jewelry, here, let me see it and I will pick you out some jewelry." the associate offered.
"It will be SO cute!" 
 I suddenly wished she had not been so helpful.

"Nahhh... I am just going to put it back. " I said hesitantly.

"Come one, " she hissed. "Open the door!"

So I did.

And it was at that exact second that I realized (and so did she and three other ladies in the store) why this shirt wasn't working.

One word:


I also decided that I actually didn't need to buy myself anything after all and I left immediately after that.
You know what else I also decided?
  I am totally okay with not being cute.

Guess this is what I get for lying and saying I was going grocery shopping....