Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The first day of school {2016}

This year my kids are going in to first (Raigen) and third (Rilyn & CJ) grade.

Every year I have dreams about my kids' first day of school. In my dream the drop-off greeters would have to pry my kids out of my minivan and escort them in to the school kicking and screaming because they didn't want to leave me. And then they would cry hysterically as I drove away .... their little faces smashed against the glass door. And I, who would be an emotional basket-case, would have to call in to work to go home and eat a whole box of honey buns and count down the time until I could pick up my little love angels.
When the time arrived and I did get to pick them up, they would be so exhausted from their horrible day at school that they would throw themselves in to my minivan and an immediate fight would break out over who gets to hug me first.
Its looking like my dream may come true this year... maybe, kinda, sorta.
This morning CJ woke up at the crack of  dawn and dressed himself in his first day outfit. To make it extra attractive he put on a pair of soccer socks and hiked them up to mid-calve. He also splashed in an entire bottle of cologne. Luckily, I caught him before he applied the temporary pirate tattoo to his bicep. 
Ten minutes later his sisters woke up equally  excited. By 6:30 they had asked me 29 times if it was time to leave yet. At  7am I announced it was time and they were in the van and buckled before I could get my shoes on.

When we arrived at the school all the other moms were walking their kids in and taking pictures, some kids even started to cry.

My kids specifically asked if I could just drop them off.

I am pretty sure its solely because they didn't want me to walk them and see them cry, so I'm not taking it personally.

And before the minivan came to a complete stop, the door was open, and my kids practically all jumped out at once.
"I want a hug!" I yelled.

"I've got to find, Kaylen Mia, Audrey, Claire, Bre, Emma, and Chesney." Rilyn said, as if her life  depended on it. 

"Mom, our friends are waiting for us!" CJ informed me. 
I could tell their eyes were starting to swell with tears. They didn't want to make this goodbye any worse then it was. I could totally tell the reality of me leaving was starting to set in, so I let them go.
And just like that, they were running full speed... away from me.
(Probably so I couldn't see them start to cry,)
My husband called me as soon as I got to work. 
"How did it go this morning?" he asked.
"Well they were pretty much devastated to leave me... " I replied, "But with time I think they will be okay....."

I didn't get any pictures at school due to my children being on the edge of an emotional break down..... but I did get this picture before we left:

Ryker was all too excited to see the big kids off, it is just him and Pop all day today!
And they big kids were exactly 0% excited to be taking pictures at 7am.