Monday, August 29, 2016

The adventures of riding the bus.

Everything is all cool until your kids almost spend the weekend at the bus barn.

The first week of school was great..... until Friday.

My MIL was having surgery on Friday (kidney stones, nothing major, I wished they had kept her a week... or two, though.)

My husband works at their family printing company and was manning it alone Friday (he usually picks the kids up from school) therefore, my kids were forced to ride the bus to my office.

Which, like getting braces and wearing glasses, they were much more excited about until it actually happened.

My kids have been car riders their entire life, so the idea of them having to ride the bus was exciting.

Let me give you the short cliff note version of what transpired:

3:30PM- My kids were dismissed from school

4:20 PM- I call the bus barn to inquire about when my kids would be dropped off at my office since our office closes at 4:30. (My office is literally 3 miles from the school.)
The lady at the bus barn told me that  the bus was on the corner of Washington/Pine. Which is great, I work on Washington. She said the bus should arrive at my office any minute.
Apparently she forgot to ask the bus driver if she had even picked up the kids yet.
Because she hadn't.

4:35- I received a call from my kids' super, awesome-principal who informed me that my kids' bus was reeeeeeeeally late and had just picked up my kids. He said my kids told him to call me because I was probably super worried. They were right. My kids are so smart.
Like me.

5:20- My kids arrive at my office.

My kids scramble to my car (in the pouring ran.)

"We  were the last ones to get dropped off and its all your fault!" screeched Rilyn.

"My fault? Why?" I asked, confused.

"Because the bus driver lady didn't know where we were suppose to go." CJ informed me.

"The school didn't give you a note to give to her?" I asked, still confused.

"Yes, they did. But you put Washington Ave (she pronounced it Avie). And she said she didn't know what an 'AVE' is!"

"Well she doesn't need to be driving a bus if she doesn't know what avenue means!" I said, "How did yall get home then?"

"It took forever! I tried to help her, I asked her if she knew where the Blue Duck is (the Blue Duck is a restaurant right next to my office), because everyone knows where the Blue Duck is... but she said she didn't. Can you believe that?" hissed Rilyn.

"So then I said hey, do you know were Jack-N-The-Box is?... And she said she sure did!" chirped  Raigen.

Leave it to my first grader to save the day.

" I told that lady... how do you not know where my moms work is.... you have passed my Dad's shop 3 times!" Rilyn said, a matter-of-factly.
(My husband and both work on Washington Ave., btw.)

My kids now refuse to ride the bus ever again.

And now I have a bargaining tool.

Misbehave at school and can you guess what the punishment is?