Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Surprise! You're getting a make-over!

Since Rilyn's  big career jump she has been scheduling everyone for make-overs.

This past weekend she over heard me mentioning that we were going over to my friend Joanis' house and lucky for her Rilyn was able to squeeze her in for an emergency appointment.

Joanis had no idea.

Rilyn was half way in to giving her a tour of her new make-up bag and all its contents when Joanis noticed a napkin with the name "Joannus" written on it.

"What's that?" she asked pointing at the napkin.

"Oh, that.... that is just my appointments." she said casually.

"You're next."

Now, Joanis is a good friend, ya'll.

She totally went along with the whole thing, BB cream, powder, blush, more BB cream,  more powder, more blush...


The whole sha-bang.

Next, Rilyn pulled out what was left of her used-up tube of lipstick and a sticky tube of lip glitter for the finale.
I counted yesterday and she applied these both 38 times with in a 30 minute span.

I don't know what scared Joanis more... the thought of the lipstick that looked like the garbage disposal ate it, touching her lips, or the fact that the color may very well make her look like white trash Barbie. But, she very quickly, offered Rilyn to use her own lipstick instead.

"I have my own lipstick, " offered Joanis. "You want me to run and get it?"

"No, we can use mine," she said. "I don't mind."

"Well.... how about we use mine. I don't want to use all of yours....." Joanis tried to bargain.

""You want me to grab some make-up remover wipes, too? In case you need them?" she added.

Rilyn's eye's lit up, "YES!"

And Joanis quickly retrieved a color that didn't resemble Barbie and/or contain glitter.
And the wipes.

While she was gone I explained to Rilyn that it is important not to share lipstick or lip gloss with other people, that is how germs are spread.

"Okay," she sighed. "That's probably a good idea...." she added rubbing her stomach.

"You know my stomach has been acting up."

(You are welcome, Joanis.)

After she was done working her magic, Joanis offered the wipes to her. "You want to keep these?" she asked Rilyn.

"Yes!" she squealed and she quickly looked at me, "hey Mom, how much should I charge her?"

"Well.... she did give you those makeup remover wipes....... I wouldn't charge her this time." I added, hopeful.

Luckily, Rilyn agreed.

And you would of thought Joanis tipped her $100 with the amount of excitement she had for those make-up remover wipes.