Monday, August 1, 2016


Yesterday we celebrated our oldest son's birthday at the local bowling alley.

The party started at 1:00, but the earliest they opened for me to start decorating the itty-bitty-micro-party-room was 12:00, while I also had my four wild animals with me.

Which I quickly realized was a terrible idea.

"Mom, Ryker is trying to bowl..... with his body!" giggled Raigen.

Meanwhile, Rilyn was pretending Ryker was her son. 
 "Come to mama, baby."She said as she scooped him off of a bowling lane.

"Yeah lady, keep up with your kid, what kind of parent are you?" added CJ as he proceeded to get his hand caught in quarter machine. 

Once Josh arrived from picking up the cake and balloons I was quickly relieved of my parental duties (thank you Jesus!) and I quickly threw the decorations up. Fast.

So fast, in fact, that I misspelled a word on a banner. 

The banner read: "STRICK"
Whatever that means....

Unknowingly, I proceeded to take at least twenty-five photos of my son and the misspelled banner.

It wasn't until my loud-mouthed mother-n-law, who couldn't just leave my admiring friends alone as they were awing over my adorable bowling decor, that I realized, embarrassingly, that I had  misspelled it. 

The "C" was in fact an "E" and it was suppose to read: "STRIKE". 

"What the heck does that mean?" she asked, loudly, laughing. 

I'm pretty sure she wanted the whole entire bowling alley to know I had misspelled something.
She's always tryna bring me down. 
Can't nobody take my pride,Uh-uh, uh-uh, Can't nobody hold me down... ohh no  I got to keep on movin..

I wanted to throat-punch her. 

But, I  couldn't. 

She's having surgery this week and I am pretty sure they'd have to reschedule it if I damaged her esophagus.
I swear that lady has nine lives.

So, instead, I fixed the banner so she'd shut up.

Except, she didn't.
She never does. Ya feel my pain?

Later I  over heard her making a snarky comment about living with us. 
To which I promptly reminded her that her future nursing home is quickly going from five stars to no stars.
True story.

She didn't bother me the rest of the party.

That lady literally has one strick left... one strick.

Can you believe how handsome my big boy is?
Where has time gone!? 

Happy 8th birthday big boy!