Saturday, August 27, 2016

Husband hair cuts = Bad idea.

It's been about a year since I've  been to a salon, so to say I'm in need of a haircut is an understatement.

To tell you the truth, I hadn't even thought about going to a salon or cutting my hair until I stumbled across a super easy fool-proof DIY video on Facebook.

I messaged it to myself for safe keeping.

And, as you can see, I've been marinating on it since August 7th.

I recently showed the video to my husband and informed him that he would be cutting my hair just like this.

He was hesitant, but I agreed to buy him a new Xbox game. 
For that, he'll do pretty much anything.

"How often do you wash this?" he asked, looking at the hair-sprayed mess.

"Everyday!" I chirped.
I lied.
But this is also the same answer I give to my doctor when he asks how often I exercise and drink eight glasses of water.

He mumbled something as if he was describing a dead animal... something about "dead" and "stinky", but, whatever.
A few seconds later he began snipping away.
And after the first snip he began to giggle. 
People, take my advise: It is never a good sign when your hair stylist begins to giggle while cutting your hair. 
It is also not a good idea to use kitchen shears to cut your hair.
At this point, I gave up trying to watch and coach him thru it, I just closed my eyes and gave up.
Its been two days and I still don't quite know exactly what damage has been done. 
Since the haircut Ive kept my hair in a bun.
I did however make a call to a super high quality hair professional at the salon in Walmart, since I received a coupon for 20% off in the mass mailer a couple of days ago. You know, just in case it really does look terrible when I try and fix it tomorrow.
The lady seemed a bit shocked at my request.
Apparently no one has ever asked her to take layers out of their hair.
After confirming my appointment, she then added, "Hey, I'll probably have to charge you extra, though."
"Why?" I asked.
"Well, people don't usually ask us to take their layers out. Why don't you just come in and I can teach you how to take care of them." she added. 
I'm over here thinking, lady, this is not a puppy! I have enough living things to take care of, no!
When I got off the phone my husband was laughing, "do you want me to dye it, too?" he asked.
Although, tempting, I declined.
I also rescinded my offer to buy him a new Xbox game. I did however, give him my full support to  cut hair on the side to raise money for it.
So ladies... if you like what you see, he can do it to you, too, for just $10.

Taking appointments now.