Sunday, August 7, 2016

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy is always an awkward subject for pubescent preteens.

Even more awkward for the parents of preadolescence-elementary age kids.

Even though my older kids are literally one year apart, each, they never grew up taking baths together.

For a lot of reasons, one being, we didn't get CJ until the kids were walking and talking and we didn't want to cross in to awkward questions about boy-parts and-girl parts, so we just didn't go there. 

But, guess what?

We are there now.


Ryker gets 99% of his baths in the kitchen sink with complete an audience.

His most recent bath was rather entertaining, to say the least.

"Mom, um... why is Ryker's um... thingy so big?" asked Raigen, confused.

I am not sure if she was just confused because his body doesn't look like hers does naked or what.

I was trying to think of how I could explain it to her and come up with an appropriate response, but  CJ chimed in, just in time.

"Psst, you think that's big?" he said, a matter-of-factly. " Dude, you should see mine! Its huge!"

At this point I'm laughing, hysterically.

"Its like waaaaaaaay bigger than that. Mine is like a giant compared to that!! Mine is like this big." he adds, holding his hands up to measure.

I'm still laughing. But, trying to compose myself.

Finally, I did manage to interrupt CJ before he decided to show is sister just how big he is, thank-the-Lord!

The boy is proud, I'll give him that.

And, FYI,  we have had enough awkward human anatomy questions in the last hour to make up for lost time.