Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fixer Upper

For the most part, I adore treasure hunts. That's the main reason I break out in hives whenever I spot a Ross or Marhalls store.

As you know recently we moved into a fixer upper and my husband and I have been working to renovate it entirely by ourselves. (My husband says its about as fun as peeing on spark plugs.)

Every time we start on a new project, I always hold my breath in hopes that behind a wall or piece of paneling we would find walls full of shiplap!

 I also hope that one day I will get a call, "hey, Roxie... so, Joanna Gains quit, and you're the next best thing.... Whata-ya-say?!"

But for the record, so far, all we have found are spider webs and dry rot.

But, because we are nice people, we don't want the future owners of  this home to experience the same disappointment we have so we have left special hidden gifts for them.

Written on the inside sub-floor of our master bedroom closet, is a letter to Santa I etched with black sharpie marker and f you peel back the paneling in the upstairs hallway  you'll find hieroglyphs depicting us winning the lotto.

And because we were not in the best mood when we remodeled the kids' bedrooms. Our love toward the various projects we worked on, specifically the ceiling tile in particular are etched with love on every stupid random tile that fell when my husband replaced the ceiling fan and continued to knocked them down.

       In a hundred years or so, I  pretty sure our home will make one fantastic episode of  
 "If Walls Could Talk."

And despite our efforts at renovating on a budget, it will probably still be a contender for the show 'Fixer Upper'.