Friday, August 26, 2016

Crushed Dreams

Like most 8 year old boys, my son has an obsession with all things herpetology. His excitement for this is equivalent to the excitement I have when my kids have to go to school on a holiday that I get the day off.

He LOVES 'em.

My feelings are the exact opposite.

This past weekend, while at a birthday party, I was approached by a random 7 year old girl, 
"Um.... excuse me.... ma'am? Did you know your son is putting rollie-pollies all over your back?"

Good times.

Lately, his enthusiasm for creepy-crawly terrifying creatures has resulted in him staying up way past his bed time on the weekends watching vicious snake videos on YouTube.
 So it wasn't much of a surprise when we sat down to write out a list for Santa and the very first thing he  listed was " a snake, or any reptile".

"Ugh..... CJ, I thought we already talked about this and I told you we aren't getting anymore animals?"

"No.... you said YOU weren't buying me a snake, so I asked Santa." he chirped.

"Santa is magical and he make dreams come true!" he added, happily.

"Santa also isn't real," I mumbled.

"Plus, its not fair... my friend has a komodo dragon!" he whined.

I explained to him that his friend has a BEARDED dragon..... big, big difference.

So, I was extremely not-shocked to find out he was caught trying to catch a snake at recess on the first day of school.

Thankfully he was unsuccessful and we aren't the proud new owners of a garden snake.
I will leave him to his wishful thinking and his hopes of what might have been....
Until Santa crushes those dreams....

 Coming soon, December 25, 2016.