Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Mother-N-Law

If I had to use one picture describe my mother-n-law:

Why you ask? 
She's a little crazy, sometimes funny (but don't you dare tell her that!), and her breath smells like... well, you get the picture!

Oh, I'm just kidding! 

She's not just a little crazy, she's one stamp short of postal!

But, that's why we love her!

Anyway, This is her. My MIL.
And currently our house-mate.
Long story-short, we are going to buy my in law's huge house. We thought it would be a great idea since we have a butt-load of kids. So with out thinking... we jumped the gun, crossed over to landlord-land, rented our house out, and decided to go ahead and move into their house (with my in laws) a little early (before they started construction on their new house) so we could go ahead and get started on remodeling the house.

And what'd ya know... one week into it and a tornado comes along and rips the roof off of their business.

Which means they now they must first rebuild their business BEFORE starting on their new house.  It looks like we will all be spending the next few holidays all under one roof.

I'm going to go ahead and ask Santa for one of these:

 So that's where we are at. 

I am literally shacked up with my mother-n-law.

Luckily, I think we get along okay. 

Ya know, ever since the last time she messed with me this mysteriously happened:

And she drove around running errands ALL morning.

Yep. She's been a peach ever since.