Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Lake

When you live near the lake sooner or later someone is going to expect you to swim in it. Having grown up in a lake-side subdivision, my husband is use to swimming with small woodland animals.

I, however, prefer clear, chlorinated swimming holes. Or some people call them pools.

"I have no desire to swiim with alligators," I told my husband last weekend. He was in shock that after ten years of marriage I still refuse to swim in the lake.

"This place is awesome!" said CJ staring at the lake.

"Can you buy us goggles?" asked Rilyn. "I want to check out whats in there,"she said gazing at the brown water in front of her.

"Sometimes little fish bite you when you are swimming, did you know that mom?" added CJ, excitingly.
Not helping, CJ.

"Momma, will you please swim with us next time we go?" asked Raigen.

"Pleeeeeease!" they begged.

"Okay, next time I'll go," I promised.

"Really?" asked my husband, hopeful.