Monday, July 18, 2016


The kids were all too excited to discover our beloved golden retriever got knocked-up by the neighbors lab. (Whom she barely even knows, says CJ!)

Anyway, it's their summer break and now they have eight adorable puppies to play with, to which they have already begged 11,000 times to keep because they have already named them all. 
(NOT happening, BTW!)

I overheard them discussing the exciting news:

Kids: "Man, last summer we got a baby brother and this summer we got puppies! I wonder what we are going to get next summer?!"

I all too quickly, reply:

Me: "Four kids and nine dogs, next summer I'm getting a sister-wife!"

(Insert foot in mouth.)

Almost full unison they ask:

"What's that?"



"Hey, who wants to go show my the puppy their keeping?" 

And... saved by the puppies!