Monday, July 25, 2016


I remember back in middle school when my little brother use to play  with Pokemon cards and I was all like.... "Dude, Pokemon is for losers, why do you do that crap?"

Who would of thought I'd be married to someone who plays such.... but, here we are.

Shockingly , Pokemon has actually improved my husband. 
Yes, you read that right. No I'm not drunk.

Here, let me explain:

Not that he was a bad father before, by any means, but since Pokemon he has totally stepped up his whole Dad thing. I mean, its totally making him a better father. We get home from work and never mind its ten-thousand degrees outside, he's all like...."Hey kids! Who wants to go on a walk? Ya'll wanna go on a bike ride?"
And I'm all like, heck yes! Twenty-seven blissful minutes to my self, don't mind if I do.

The elderly neighbor lady even noticed, too. The other day when I was taking out the trash, she waved me over to her fence and between the barking of her eighteen weenie dogs she told me that she loves to watch Josh take the kids for walks everyday. 

"He must be such a great father." She said.

Nevermind that I was the one taking out the trash with a baby on my hip.....about to start dinner, and nevermind that in the thirty minutes of being home I had already folded a load of laundry and cleaned poop of the slide.
Nope. Forget me. Im just the maid.

And Josh is over here getting Father-of-The-Year over here for hunting Pokemon! 

Believe it or not, it has also helped with our marriage, too.

Today when I had to run into the supermarket to pick up a couple of things, he offered to sit in the car with the kids.
Pinch me! This isn't real life.

"But, if you sit in the car, who will nag me and ask me to hurry up forty-seven times?" I asked curiously.

He  didnt answer he just sat in the car quietly and hunted Pokemon. And I shopped. In peace.
I could totally get use to this. Next time I'll swinging for a pedicure!

Since Josh has been taking the kids on his daily Pokemon hunts everyday, I thought the kids were playing, too.

So this morning when Rilyn asked to play her I Pad in the car on the way to church, I immediately assumed it was so she could hunt Pokemon.
Boy, was I wrong.

"Sure," I said, "Did you want to hunt Pokemon?"

She immediately starts crying, "No, Mom! I just wanna play my I Pad!" she says sobbing.
Um, did she start her period? WTH.

"Woah! Whats wrong? Why are you crying?" I asked.

"Because you think I play that stupid game! That game is killing people, Mom! Don't you watch the news! Only stupid, stupid, dumb, idiotic people play that game!" She screamed.

Um, her Dad plays that game... guess she forgot.