Friday, July 22, 2016

Photographer For Hire

It has always been a dream of mine to be a photographer. And a hair stylist.
But mostly a photographer.

That's the precise reason I asked for a new camera for my birthday this year.

And to my surprise that is exactly what Josh bought me.

"That's a horrible idea," Josh told me when I announced that I planned to offer my photography services for hire to all of Livingston, TX.

The holiday season is creeping upon us and I can barely contain myself.
Everyone needs Christmas card pictures! Everyone!

"Don't you think you should you know, practice first?" He asked.

I quickly learned that photography is an acquired skill and is not something that we are all born with.

"Okay!" I said and clapped my hands in excitement.
"Today we are taking family pictures!" I announced.

"What.... why... what did we do... Do we have to?" They all whined. Including Josh.

"Can't you just practice on Ryker?" Josh asked.

Then I reminded him of my last Pinterest Fail, to which Ryker almost tumbled off of the kitchen table.

Insert Exhibit A:

"I just don't know if its safe..." I hinted.

He stopped complaining and agreed to let me work my magic.

I was so excited to get to use the remote feature on my new fancy-smancy camera. Which means I got to put my camera on my tripod and we ALL got to take pictures, together! 
I was ecstatic.

Boom! Seventeen minutes later and we were done!

And I know that for a fact because that's how long my camera had been recording.

On video.