Friday, July 22, 2016


Do you know what my favorite thing about social media is?
I get to post all my perfect pictures of my perfect kids.

Always smiling.

Perfectly posed.


I get to make us look like that family. Perfect-ish.
I get to leave out that the kids moan at the first sight of my camera.
Or that they complain, a lot. And they may or may not cry thru half of the pictures.

That it took 88 pictures, and 22 minutes of editing, just for that one perfect picture....
Just so I could update my status on Facebook.
Or that sometimes I bribe my kids. And sometimes it doesn't work so I have to bribe them some more.
How once I even paid my kids to sit there and take pictures. Real money. (An embarrassingly-undisclosed amount.)
One time I even threatened them with physical labor. Of pairing socks. 
(This technique seems to work best, in case you are wondering.)
And my kids NEVER, ever fight and argue. Eeeeeeever.

My oldest daughter isn't bossy at all.

My oldest son isn't stubborn. 

My youngest daughter doesn't wear here heart on her sleeve and burst into tears if  I give her the 'look'.

And my baby doesn't scream bloody murder if he isn't permanently attached to my hip.


Nothing but perfectly-perfect pictures over here.

Yeah. We're pretty amazing. I'm sorry you're not us, too.

All joking aside, the truth is...... my kids aren't trained monkeys. 
They don't always mind or get along, for that matter.

In fact, probably more often, they don't.

They smile when they want. And don't when they don't want to.
Sometimes I have to just let them do their crazy pose. Or silly face. 
It takes a lot of work to get those "perfect" pictures, people.

And along the way we get a lot of not so perfect ones.
 I cherish them all.