Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our 2016 summer trip! {Yogi Bear Park}

A couple of weeks ago we snuck a way for a mini-vacation before the kids have to go back to school. 

 We went camping at Yogi Bear Park. It is a camping/water park.

The water park was amazing. I am convinced it saved our life. 

And I now realize just how much I hate this blistering hot weather.

Side note: Is he not the cutest little one year old!?
 He seriously had an 18 month old trying to talk to him. She was waving... and pointed, talkin' bout, "!" I was all like, "Hey, back-off cougar, he's only 12 months old. Girl, he can't even walk!"

Okay, maybe I didn't.

This was one of those amazing experiences that I I'll never forget.

And never want to repeat during a Texas summer break, ever, again.

Did I mention it is summer here in Texas? 

That means temperatures reach the 1000's.
Yes it does, don't argue with me!

Anyway, we hadn't been at the campsite for more than an hour when I realized we weren't eating dinner that  evening because I forgot the can opener.

"But frito pies are our favorite!!" They reminded me every five minutes for the rest of our trip. 
"How could you forget the can opener!"


Okay, I'm better.

Back to my story...

"All I want in life is to drive  a golf-cart." announced Rilyn, exactly 997 times. Somehow she got the idea in her head that when we weren't swimming, we were going to spend our time riding around in the golf cart, wind blowing our hair, radio blasting, the works. You can imagine her disappointment when we arrived at our cabin and it didn't come with a golf cart. We (Josh and I) were excited to see that our cabin was right in the middle of everything and we didn't need to spend $110 a day on a golf cart after all!

While I was trying to calm them down and talk the kids off the ledge, Josh unpacked our stuff.

Which barely fit in our cabin.

While, technically, it did sleep six, it was considerably smaller than I imagined.

Later after our lovely, yet un-filling, dinner of cheesy fritos and our dessert of campfire cones 
(which BTW were the ONE thing I actually did right!) we decided to call it a night.

I concluded that the only successful part of that day was lunch, which just so happened to come from Chic-Fil-A. You can imagine our excitement when map quest pulled up a Chic-Fil-A nearby. How we ended up at Prairie View A&aM's Student Center eating with a bunch of college kids, I have no idea! I am sure it wasn't nearly as awkward for them as it was for us. 

Or maybe it was.

"The only thing that would make this more awesome is a hurricane." I half-jokingly whispered to Josh at around midnight.  He, I, and a cranky one year old were smashed together like sardines in a full size bed, in our tiny, tiny cabin. 

We didn't get the hurricane, but we did get a one year old who was teething and constipated and fussy all night.
Yay relaxing vacation!

Around 3 am I officially hated myself.

The next few days were a blur of swimming, funnel cakes, a parade, out door movies, and relaxing in the lazy river!

"That was sooooooo much fun!" the kids squealed on the drive home.

I snapped my head around the headrest, "really?"

Crazy enough, they were. They even liked it so much, they insisted, we go back again next weekend.

The odds of that happening are exactly 0%.

But, hey, theres alway's next winter.

"And next time I'm getting a golf-cart! added Rilyn.