Sunday, July 24, 2016

Meet Lea Clark

Lea Clark is the doll my eight year old found online.

You know who Lea Clark is, right?

If you don't, you are like, a total loser.

Yeah, I had no idea who she was either. 

She is the American Girl Doll of the year.

"Mom, you have to tell Santa that he has to get me the real American Girl doll. Not a fake one like he got me last year."

Apparently the Walmart version of the American Girl doll is not welcomed in this house.
Are you even really my child?

Actually, I do sympathize for her. I know what its like to want the 'real-thing'.

A few years ago Josh asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I wanted a  MK purse.

A few days later, "Hey, so you wanted a Mary Kay purse, right?"

Not the same thing. Not even close.

He already had one picked out for me.

It was $29.99.

For that amount today I could buy Lea Clark a pair of house slippers. 
Maybe. If they are on sale.

"This doll's outfits costs more than mine!" I exclaimed.

"Okay," She said crossing out the words 'Lea's Rain Forest House and Lea Clark's Celebration Dress on her Christmas List'.

"Just the doll and one outfit." She declared.

"Tell Santa that's all I want. And then you can buy the rest for me for my birthday, K?"

At least that gives me time to get a second job.

After a lot of thought I decided Santa may very well bring her the over priced name-brand doll.

I mean, the doll is not that expensive and plus it is Christmas. 

I mean, it could be worse. 

Today she brings me her new updated Christmas List and Lea Clark is no where to be found.

"Where is Lea?" I asked.

"Dolls are for babies.... I want an Apple Watch."

And... it just got worse.