Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Last night I decided to haul Ryker with me to make a return. 

The cashier who processed the return was a long time employee and her name tag indicated she been working there since 2015. Note: She was also clearly passed retirement age.

"Hello little cutie!" she said to Ryker, who was sucking his pacifier, peacefully. 

"What a well behaved child!" she said.

This made me smile.

"Boy or girl?" she asked me.

This made me stop smiling.

"Boy!" I hissed.

The woman handed me back my receipt with a smile.

How did I get stuck with the employee-of-the-month? 

I looked around and the store was nearly empty and she was the only cashier working returns.

I hurried away to go buy a whole buggy of crap.

Just so I could return it.