Sunday, July 17, 2016

Boat Parking Only!

When you are a Long, sarcasm and pranks become a part of you. You can never trust anyone. Ever.

Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your guard up.

Occasionally I forget.

And I also forget that I am raising little Josh and Roxies.

And sometimes they get me. 


Today we pulled in to a popular lake-side restaurant for lunch. Josh was working and it was one of the rare times I ventured to a restaurant with all four hyenas by myself.

In case you didn't know, it is literally, a thousand degrees right now in Texas so I was in luck when I spotted an open parking spot right near the door of this packed restaurant.

I order everyone out, grabbed the diaper bag, and proceed to the (what feels like) 16 clips and latches of the car seat to get the baby out, and as soon as I turn to herd them into the restaurant Rilyn brings to my attention, "Hey, Um... Mom.....This parking spot says 'RV Check-In Only'."

I glance at the writing on the pavement, and sure enough....

 I (who, BTW was already sweating like a cornered nun) may or may not cursed under my breath while ordering all the monkeys back in to the van. Then we proceeded to drive around the parking lot in search of a new spot. 

So, since we were starving and all, I settled for a spot near the water. Which is further than I ever park, but its all they had, we were starving, and the baby was getting irritated.

Once again, I ordered my crew out and one-by-one they climbed out as I gather the suitcase I call a diaper bag and just as I get the baby out, once again...

Rilyn: "Um, Mom, this parking spot says boats only."

This time I admittedly cursed aloud and ordered them once again, back into the van. 

And just as I plop down in the driver seat I catch a glimpse of Rilyn, covering her mouth, giggling. 


And that's when it hit me. 


That little heifer got me, good.