Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Cadillac

Yesterday afternoon I took my kids to the store with me. 

This usually ends in me regretting this decision as soon as I get there. Today didn't disappoint.

The second we pull into the parking lot, my kids turned into wild hyenas and start screaming.

"Look, look, park over there!!" they yelled.

When I noticed what they were pointing at I purposely parked on the other side of the parking lot.

"Mom!!!" they cried.

"You never let us get the Cadillac buggy!"

What they are referring to was the size of a small sedan. It has two blue seats connected to a shopping cart, perfect size if you have twins. And they are two. It also has the turning radius of a semi-truck.

"There isn't even room for all of you in there." I told them.

After turning my back to unbuckle Ryker, I turned to find all three of my older kids crammed in the Cadillac. That was half way across the parking lot.


It seems like they thought they had won.

Like I would just give in and push their heavy butts around in the Cadillac that they were clearly too big for.

So I just plopped Ryker down in an empty shopping cart and headed towards the store.

Oh, what's that phrase they are always telling me?

Oh yeah, "Bye Felicia!"

I have never seen them scramble that fast in my life.