Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello 2015!

What better way to start 2015 then with exciting news!
We are expecting baby #4, a baby BOY!

Yesterday the kids and I snuck off to have a gender ultrasound done while Josh was at work so we could surprise him.
Luckily, the ultrasound tech was super kid friendly and just laughed because my 3 wild kids definetly kept us entertained.
 For example, here is Raigen's conversation with the ultra sound tech:

Raigen: "Hey lady, you got kids?"
Ultrasound lady: "Yes. I have 3."
Raigen: "You got a husband?"
Ultrasound lady: "Yes I do."
Raigen: "I don't see your ring."
Ultrasound lady shows Raigen her ring.
Raigen: "Oh...I couldn't see it, it's really little."

After all the fun (and embarrassment for me) we came home and delivered these candy bars to Josh and our families!
What a great start to 2015!