Saturday, January 3, 2015

Raigen Elise is FIVE!

I seriously cannot believe this sweet girl is already 5 years old!
Last month we celebrated Raigen's 5th birthday, Doc McStuffin Style!
Here are some photos from her special day!

Our elf Holly even participated in the fun by surprising Raigen with a special gift on her birthday!
Hello FIVE years old!

Ahh! They are getting so big!

Rilyn- 7
Christopher- 6
Raigen- 5

Hello 2015!

What better way to start 2015 then with exciting news!
We are expecting baby #4, a baby BOY!

Yesterday the kids and I snuck off to have a gender ultrasound done while Josh was at work so we could surprise him.
Luckily, the ultrasound tech was super kid friendly and just laughed because my 3 wild kids definetly kept us entertained.
 For example, here is Raigen's conversation with the ultra sound tech:

Raigen: "Hey lady, you got kids?"
Ultrasound lady: "Yes. I have 3."
Raigen: "You got a husband?"
Ultrasound lady: "Yes I do."
Raigen: "I don't see your ring."
Ultrasound lady shows Raigen her ring.
Raigen: "Oh...I couldn't see it, it's really little."

After all the fun (and embarrassment for me) we came home and delivered these candy bars to Josh and our families!
What a great start to 2015!