Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Craft Closet Makeover for under $15!

Let's start at the beginning.
 After the fire when we were deciding whether to rebuild, try to fix it, or just buy a new house, I knew one thing for sure.
I had to have a place for my craft supplies.
Next we met with a contractor and in our design collaborations we had just enough room in our, what was suppose to a linen closet, for a craft closet!
This closet make over was done with less than $15!
I purchased all the items either at Dollar Tree or at various garage sales!
Some of the art work I either printed online for free or made it myself.
Below  are some before and after pictures!
Please keep in mind that I am NOT finished!
And its looks a bit bare because I have yet to replace all my craft stuff that was ruined in the fire.
However, stay tuned because I have some neat ideas for ribbon  and scrapbook paper storage!
Here is a before.
 Since, we only moved in about a  month ago, we have been using it for storage
until we had time to sort thru the boxes.
 Here are some candle holders I salvaged from the fire!
Nothing a little paint and Dollar Tree vase cant fix!

Here is the after of these!

I sure am happy with the progress on my mommy space!