Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I have had enough bad luck this past six months to last a life time.
Lets recap, shall we?
In September, our house burned down.
With a a lot of push from us the insurance company finally totalled our home and paid us for the structure, however, we are still to this day waiting on our contents money. Boo!
In the midst of all the madness of our home burning down and the fight with the insurance company I was appliance shopping. I was steadily trying to buy what we could, while our home was being fixed, which lead me to a road trip to Houston to buy a refrigerator I found  "Super Awesome GREAT Deal" on.
Did I mention I was by myself.
And it was raining.
Oh, and don't let me forget the part where it FELL down in the back of my truck and put a GIANT dent ALL-THE-FRIGGIN-WAY-ACROSS-THE-FRONT-OF-IT.
Our neighbors caught someone trying to break into our house.
While the interior was a total wreck, most of the exterior of our house was fine, which apparently prompted some teens down the street to try to break in.
But thankfully our neighbors caught them and we contacted the Sheriffs department!
When we finally moved back into our house a couple weeks ago our heater quit working.
Luckily it was fixed easily and inexpensively.
Oh, then our brand new dishwasher broke.
Our adopted son's real father just got released from prison. And has demanded to see our son. Or hes threatened to come kidnap him.
So now we are having to apply for a protection order.
I still cant grasp how someone who was sentences for 36 years is out in FIVE!
And now our lovely refrigerator is not cooling.
Throw in a bad perm and three sick kids, all the while having to stay at my in laws because my mother-n-law fell and broke her back while cleaning up water because their house flooded, and that's where we are at, my friend.
Just call me the Lady of Luck.
Or not.