Tuesday, January 14, 2014

6 going on 16

Rilyn, my oldest, most mature, super smart daughter is in kindergarten.
First of all let me just say, we have really been blessed with this sweet 6 year old.
She minds very well. NEVER gets in trouble in school, and has already mastered the kindergarten workbook so they have started her in the first grade work book
As you can tell I am very proud of  her.
I guess with all the good of being a super mature, smart, 6 year old, there has to be a bad.

I'm slowly realizing her bad.

Shes 6 going on 16!

I present to you Example #1:
 Friday, after school I noticed she had on different shoes.
They were noticeably different because they TOTALLY didn't match.
I sent her to school wearing a cute pair of plaid leggings and her black knee high boots.
She came home from school wearing her cute plaid leggings and a pair of bright pink shoes with multicolored butterflies on them.
"Where did you get those shoes from?" I asked her.
"My room."She answered, as-a-matter-o-factly.
"Well...I sent you to school in boots, how did you get those on?" I asked.
"I took them to school in my backpack and changed into them when I got to school."  She answered cheerfully.
I was sort of ....speechless.
I wasn't expecting this sort of behavior till at least 4th grade.
I wondered why she didn't just tell me she wanted to wear those shoes, I would of picked out an outfit that matched them, so I asked her.
"I don't know... I just decided to wear them, so I took them to school!" She answered.

Well...I guess that answers my question.

And now I present for you Example #2:

I saved the best for last.

My sister in law has recently started selling 'adult products'.

While at her house a few months ago,  she was trying to talk me into selling them too, and she gave me one of her samples, a small lip gloss like container with a label that read "Nipple Nibbler"  printed along side all her contact info.

Not thinking about it, I left it in my car.

One day, a few weeks back, while I was getting the kids ready for school, Rilyn pulls it out of her backpack and hands it to me.

"Here mom, heres your lip gloss back."

I gasp and before I could even speak she added " I took it to school yesterday, and me and all my friends were putting it on after lunch and it was WAY too tingly! We did NOT like it!"

"Where did you get this from!?" I managed to ask, still in complete shock!

"I found it in your car." She replied.

I just about had a heart attack.

I am so thankful her teacher did not catch her with it.

That would have been one super awkward phone conversation!