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My Craft Closet Makeover for under $15!

Let's start at the beginning.  After the fire when we were deciding whether to rebuild, try to fix it, or just buy a new house, I knew one thing for sure. I had to have a place for my craft supplies. Next we met with a contractor and in our design collaborations we had just enough room in our, what was suppose to a linen closet, for a craft closet! This closet make over was done with less than $15! I purchased all the items either at Dollar Tree or at various garage sales! Some of the art work I either printed online for free or made it myself. Below  are some before and after pictures! Please keep in mind that I am NOT finished! And its looks a bit bare because I have yet to replace all my craft stuff that was ruined in the fire. However, stay tuned because I have some neat ideas for ribbon  and scrapbook paper storage! Here is a before.  Since, we only moved in about a  month ago, we have been using it for storage until we had time to sort thru the boxes.  Here are some ca…


I have had enough bad luck this past six months to last a life time. Lets recap, shall we? In September, our house burned down. With a a lot of push from us the insurance company finally totalled our home and paid us for the structure, however, we are still to this day waiting on our contents money. Boo! In the midst of all the madness of our home burning down and the fight with the insurance company I was appliance shopping. I was steadily trying to buy what we could, while our home was being fixed, which lead me to a road trip to Houston to buy a refrigerator I found  "Super Awesome GREAT Deal" on. Did I mention I was by myself. And it was raining. Oh, and don't let me forget the part where it FELL down in the back of my truck and put a GIANT dent ALL-THE-FRIGGIN-WAY-ACROSS-THE-FRONT-OF-IT. Our neighbors caught someone trying to break into our house. While the interior was a total wreck, most of the exterior of our house was fine, which apparently prompted some tee…

6 going on 16

Rilyn, my oldest, most mature, super smart daughter is in kindergarten. First of all let me just say, we have really been blessed with this sweet 6 year old. She minds very well. NEVER gets in trouble in school, and has already mastered the kindergarten workbook so they have started her in the first grade work book As you can tell I am very proud of  her. I guess with all the good of being a super mature, smart, 6 year old, there has to be a bad.

I'm slowly realizing her bad.

Shes 6 going on 16!

I present to you Example #1:  Friday, after school I noticed she had on different shoes. They were noticeably different because they TOTALLY didn't match. I sent her to school wearing a cute pair of plaid leggings and her black knee high boots. She came home from school wearing her cute plaid leggings and a pair of bright pink shoes with multicolored butterflies on them. "Where did you get those shoes from?" I asked her. "My room."She answered, as-a-matter-o-fa…

The Fire.

I haven't posted lately mainly because we have been super busy. Not only due to the Holidays but on September 22, 2013 we had a major fire at our home.
I wont go into details right now  but it was literally a hot mess. The insurance company totalled our home. We have had it rebuilt and just moved into it 2 weeks ago. However, we are STILL waiting on the insurance company to pay us for our contents and because of this we have had to furnish our home our selves. Which, as I learned.... is expensive! So in an effort to hopefully speed up this process we have hired an attorney. So that is where we are. One of my goals this year is to keep up with this blog more. I use it as sort of a scrapbook for my kids. Every year I get the previous year printed in to a book.