Friday, September 6, 2013


This year is bitter sweet.

I have 2 kindergartners and yes I am the over-protective-class-mom-wanna-be-walk-them-to-their-class-daily-mama.

They are growing up too fast and I'm just not ready.

They are in different classes, therefore, after school they constantly try to "one-up" each other on what they did that day.

"Guess what I did today??" CJ tells Rilyn. "I got to go to the computer lab!"

"Oh yeah, well, I got to go to music class!" She says matter-of-factly.

"Oh really, well, I got to go to recess!" Replies CJ, thinking he just toally got her good.

"Hmm... well I bet you didn't get to go to the nurse!" She says, then follows it with "Haha!"

"What! That's not fair, what did you get to go to the nurse for?" he asked, now  mad because she totally won.

"To get my hair checked." She replied casually.

Apparently its "cool" in kindergarten to get sent to the nurse to be checked for lice.