Friday, September 13, 2013


I am beyond proud!
She's only 3 years old and she can already spell her first and last name AND write it too! And she doesn't even attend a preschool or daycare!


Rilyn's 1st Snack Day!

Every month each child in Rilyn and Christopher's class is assigned a snack day. 
Today was Rilyn's first time to take a snack for 'snack day'.
She was SUPER excited to paint these clothes pins for her butterfly snacks.
I asked her why she didn't paint them pink (because that is her favorite color) and she said
"Boys don't like pink and green is not gender specific mom"
Um.... where in the heck did my five year old go!?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This girl LOVES cooking. And is obsessed with watching Food Network so when I asked her what kind of party she wanted for her 6th birthday it didnt surprise me that she said a "Chef Party!"
I have so many good ideas ready for this party, I cant wait!

Friday, September 6, 2013


They've only been in school 1 week and I'm already having issues.

Rilyn came home from school the other day limping because her new school shoes gave her blisters on her heels.

I asked her why she didn't ask her teacher for a band aid and she said "I did mom, she said she didn't have any."

Hmm.. my 5 year old has blisters and you don't have a band aid and you dont send her to the nurse for one.


I decided to give her teacher a break... its only the first week of school, therefore, its a little early for me to be labeled is "phsyco mom".

The next day I sent Rilyn to school with a box of band aids for her teacher.

I told my husband that, that was the only warning her teacher was getting and next time I wouldn't be so nice.

I also posted a rant on my face book page about it.

Annnnnnd in about 13.524 minutes later her teacher called me.

And no, we aren't 'facebook friends'.

Anyway, she told me Rilyn has brought her the box of band aids and that she was sorry if her blisters got over looked and she would make sure she gets a band aid if she needs one. She also said Rilyn is super smart and she is a great helper, and shes glad she is in her class.

I feel much better. Much better.


This year is bitter sweet.

I have 2 kindergartners and yes I am the over-protective-class-mom-wanna-be-walk-them-to-their-class-daily-mama.

They are growing up too fast and I'm just not ready.

They are in different classes, therefore, after school they constantly try to "one-up" each other on what they did that day.

"Guess what I did today??" CJ tells Rilyn. "I got to go to the computer lab!"

"Oh yeah, well, I got to go to music class!" She says matter-of-factly.

"Oh really, well, I got to go to recess!" Replies CJ, thinking he just toally got her good.

"Hmm... well I bet you didn't get to go to the nurse!" She says, then follows it with "Haha!"

"What! That's not fair, what did you get to go to the nurse for?" he asked, now  mad because she totally won.

"To get my hair checked." She replied casually.

Apparently its "cool" in kindergarten to get sent to the nurse to be checked for lice.