Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Rilyn has begged my since she could talk to do cheer leading. I have been hesitant for several reasons, one being that she is young and I didn't want to over load her. She is already in gymnastics and was on a traveling competitive gymnastics team too. Two, probably the main reason.... I just don't want to have to sit outside in the HEAT for all those darn practices and games.

Well... here we are. In cheer leading. In the heat. Boo.

I though Rilyn would be A LOT more excited about this cheer thing. Especially since she watches 'Bring it on' non-stop.

 The other day I asked her.... "So, how are you liking cheer?"

"Mom. Can I confess something?..."


"I hate cheer leading. This is NOTHING like 'Bring it on'!"

Apparently she hates the heat too...... and the fact that her cheer uniform doesn't show her stomach!

Oh dear.....