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First Day of Kindergarten. ~Rilyn & Christopher

I cannot believe my babies are in kindergarten! And going to school ALL day! Rilyn wanted to wear her hair curly so she slept in sponge rollers and she thought she was hott stuff this morning! And C.J., I mean "Christopher" (he told his teacher he'd prefer to be called "Christopher"... so I will try to get use to that, was just as handsome as ever! 

Embarrasing Their Mama: Episode #430,431 & 432.

I'm just not going to take them in public anymore. Seriously.

Because it never fails. Every.Single.Time. I take them in public they thoroughly embarrass me. And believe it or not, I'm not use to it yet.

And yes, I am keeping count, you know, for future use.

Like when I choose to crash their prom with some of my cool dance moves to pay them back.

Just an idea.

Anyways, if you know our family, then you know that we joke. A LOT. We kid around with them, which may or may not ALWAYS involve the words "Poop Head", which brings me to Episode #430.

While at gymnastics one evening Josh and Raigen were playing around. An elderly 70ish year old man was sitting next to them observing and thought he'd join in on some of the fun too. Big mistake.

"That's my Daddy!" The old man said kidding around with Raigen.

"No hes not!" She screamed.

"I will punch you in the face, you poop head!"

Shes 3. And she talks like that to strangers. I know, i…


When you become a mother there are a few things that competly change.

Your body.

Your ability to poop in private.

And the term "All-nighter".

Last thursday my cousin invited me to her house for a 'girls night'. She lives almost 2 hours away so I figured I'd just stay the night and head to work the next morning.We hadn't got to hang out in a while, so it was much needed.

When I got there and spotted the watermellon margaritas I knew it was probably going to be an all-nighter.

No big deal, right?

Hello! I have 3 kids, Ive had many all-nighters. The late night feedings with a fussy baby, the sick kid up all night puking....  all the while having to work the next day. Piece of cake.

No big deal.


I went to bed at 3:30, woke up late, so late that I didnt have time to change clothes, late. Um yeah...

Then I drove almost 2 hours to work, with a migrain, on an empty stomach.... and when I say empty, I mean e-m-p-t-y.

Yeah. THAT kind of empty. The kind of…

C.J.'s 5th Birthday! ~Pirate Party~

This year C.J. insisted on a pirate party, complete with a real pirate!


Rilyn has begged my since she could talk to do cheer leading. I have been hesitant for several reasons, one being that she is young and I didn't want to over load her. She is already in gymnastics and was on a traveling competitive gymnastics team too. Two, probably the main reason.... I just don't want to have to sit outside in the HEAT for all those darn practices and games.

Well... here we are. In cheer leading. In the heat. Boo.

I though Rilyn would be A LOT more excited about this cheer thing. Especially since she watches 'Bring it on' non-stop.

 The other day I asked her.... "So, how are you liking cheer?"

"Mom. Can I confess something?..."


"I hate cheer leading. This is NOTHING like 'Bring it on'!"

Apparently she hates the heat too...... and the fact that her cheer uniform doesn't show her stomach!

Oh dear.....

My Mom is turning 50!

Here is a rough draft of the invitations!

I've actually changed it and we are taking a cocktail cruise, not the dinner one. I like this one better because it has a comedy show, bar, dancefloor with a DJ, a bar, and a bar too. Its going to be fun! Its a huge surprise for my mom, one because she doesnt know.. and two, because she HATES the water.  I really want them to take a real cruise with us so Im trying to warm her up to the bigger boats. :) This should be a very interesting night. I mean, my little sisters are like 17 and 22 and my mom still FREAKS when they go swimming in the lake.