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To say we have been busy is an understatement. 3 kids+sports+full time job= CHAOS. Here is where we are at now: Rilyn is now 5 and is currently in gymnatics and cheerleading. This is her first year to cheer and she was SO excited. Especially after watching Bring It On, like 50 times. Rilyn: "Hey mom, do I get like, a short cheerleading shirt, that like, shows my belly?" Me: "Aboslutely not." Where has my baby gone? C.J. is 4, and LOVES soccer. Now that soccer season is over he is playing football for the first time. Its really cute, Rilyn's cheer squad actually gets to cheer for his games, and I get a two-fer!:) Raigen, the baby, whos not a baby anymore is 3. I love this age. Hilarious doesnt even begin to describe her. She is in gymnatics and is A-MAZING. Seriously. I guess from watching big sis all these years at gymnastics. This 3 year old is a handstand, carwheel, roundoff machine! Here a recent picture of them:) And this is why I have no time for my blo…