Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're Baaaaaack! :)


Too busy to blog? YES, too busy to blog!

But we are back. :) And I guess its catch-up time!

You ready??

Are you ready?


WELL... we have some VERY BIG, exciting news!!!


Just kidding! Hope you had your glasses on for that one Lubby!

Our big news actually is  that we went to court and got permanent custody of C.J. :) YAY!

Here is what we've been up to!
(NOT in order)

C.J started soccer:)

Rilyn was chosen to be on team at gymnastics! They are the youngest ones on team at Moseley's... aren't they so stinkin' cute!

To offset some of the cost of being on team we started up the Parent Club. We have been doing fundraisers and selling stuff so I made these cute water bottles we are selling for $10.. only cost $2 to make!

Competitive team  means traveling! So far we have traveled to San Antonio, Dallas area, and Alvin. We are very proud of her and we enjoy it. Its kind of like mini-vacations. :)
While we were in San Antonio we visited the Zoo. C.J said he had never been so it was a MUST! :)

Back in November..we did a little Thanksgiving art work.....
And of course we had to have somewhere to hang it... So I hung some frames I painted black and some clips and I made a cute, rustic 'Masterpiesces' sign. :)

I, yes I, decided to dye my hair blonde. On my own.


Yes that is real! After Josh laughed so hard, he cried he was nice enough to go to walmart at midnight to get me more hair color to try to fix it.

Which didn't work.

So.. the next day I called my hair lady and begged for an appointment that day.. and thank the LORD she fixed it!

Just in time for the hubby and I to head to a kick-off party/dinner in Houston that my work had.

And ...well alcohol + a photo booth =

Back in December I made these cute reindeer cupcakes for the girl's gymnastic class party. :)


Look how grown up my Ribear is getting! They are all growing SO fast!! :(

A little Easter Day fun with the cousins!

Josh and I took a cruise! It was our 3rd time visiting Progresso and Cozumel and we had a blast!

I got tatted up in mexico.. :)

Too bad it only lasts 3 weeks, I like it!!

And Josh went snorkeling!
 I think we had the most fun this trip because we drank the most, LOL. Neither Josh nor I are big drinkers and well... when you go to a resort and they said ALL YOU CAN DRINK, they mean it. We definitely drank our money worth! And.... just so happened that when we got back on the ship we had an invitation in our room to the Capetian's Cocktail Party for past guests... which meant. FREE DRINKS! :) Not that we needed anymore at this point... but we thought so. :)
 And just as it was over and we could barely walk we stumbled out and the lady at the door said to us, "We are having another one in 15 minutes, if yall want to come back." And well... we just couldn't say no. I mean... that would of been rude. :) So of course we went back for round 2! Josh at this point was GONE. They had the band playing and a lady singing and there was Josh... up on stage by his lonesome. DANCING!
I thought it was funny until  he thought he needed a partner so he tried to get me to come on stage, but I refuse. THEN the crazy boy got the whole crowd cheering for me to go on stage so, I couldn't let my fans down! LOL

And then the next day... all we kept hearing... "Hey, there's the dancers!!" LOL