Monday, May 21, 2012

Sarah's Baby Shower ~Construction Themed~

Saturday was my sister-n-laws baby shower. She is having the FIRST boy in our family so we all had a blast throwing her this shower. Its fun to actually decorate for a boy for once! We served the food in the back of dump truck and hard hats and decorated the tables as roads with cones! And this was the perfect theme for me to make my "Daddy's Diaper Duty Device" tool belt!

Here's the construction themed cake I made.
This cake gave me HELL.
It could be my fault... I did wait until the very last minute to get started on it. Midnight the night before the shower.

And I did accidentally fall asleep with the first cake in the oven... Oops.
My bad.

I thought the baby carriage watermelon was going to be super hard, it was actually really easy though and it turned out so cute!

I just had to take a few pics of my favorite little people! ;)

Ah... what a fun game. :) Sarah's was blind folded and her mother-n-law was the 'baby'. The baby had to cry and Sarah had to feed her blind folded.
Too funny!

You want to see a super cool trick, by a super cool chick??

LOL I have no idea why she always does this exact move... she says its her 'Nastics show!" (Gymnastics's show) LOL

Then after that long Saturday we swam for hours Sunday... ah, relaxing. :)