Monday, May 21, 2012


We visited my cousin and her fiance this weekend. First let me explain that her fiance is one of those, healthy, fit people. You know, the kind that only eat chicken, beans, and eggs and that visit the gym like 3 times a day.
Anyway, we all swam this weekend and apparently... Rilyn, my four year old has a crush on him.
She was giggly and she just kept talking and talking to him.

"Hey Shaun, why do you smile so much..." She'd giggle.

She just wouldn't leave the poor guy alone for nothing!

Then, Rilyn asks her Dad.."Daddy, why don't you have muscles like Shaun?...Shaun has pretty muscles!"

Josh explained to her that he just got a gym membership and then mumbled something about going inside to cry...

Poor Josh.

If it matters at all, I think your muscles are WAY prettier than Shaun's. Promise. :)