Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lauren's AMAZING Room!

Guess who recently got hired for her FIRST real designing job??

Yep! The Queen Bee herself, ME!

I think this was my absolute favorite room to do! No, not because I actually got paid, but because I absolutely LOVED everything in this room!

The room was decorated for a 12 year old girl. She wanted something fun,retro, and with a mustache. LOL

We made or painted EVERYTHING in this room.

We painted the room a 2 tone gray and striped it.
I cut and upholstered the headboard. LOVE IT!
I made all the pillows, curtains, and the canopy.
Almost all the accessories were sprayed brush nickel and we left only a few bright colors, for a pop of color.
I sprayed the lamp and them recovered both shades. 

I LOVE the chalkboard wall... AND the gorgeous vintage-y frame!

I am in love with collages and Lauren LOVES mustaches, LOL