Monday, May 7, 2012


Before we left on our cruise last month Rilyn got upset.

"Here momma... here's my trophy. " She said handing me her trophy she just had won in gymnastics. "I want you to take it with y'all so you don't forge about me." She sobbed. 

I comforted her and told her she gets to have 5 sleep overs! She was excited. I told her I would buy her whatever she wanted from Mexico to make her feel better.

"Really?! Whatever I want?" She asked.

"Yep, what do you want mommy and daddy to buy you.?" I asked her.

Its like she had this whole thing planned because she quickly replied "A Chihuahua!"


I laughed and blew it off, I mean, she'll forget all about it.

In my dreams.

The day before we were to arrive back home I called home to check on the kids.

Rilyn started off by sobbing and telling me that she missed us and that she forgot what we looked like.

"Guess what tomorrow is?" I said.

"What?" she sobbed.

"Tomorrow we are coming home!" I said.

"Yay!" She cheered.

"Guess what tomorrow is?" She asked me right back.

"What?" I asked.

"Tomorrow is when you are bringing me my Chihuahua!" She said giggling.

Uh oh. She, clearly, did not forget about it.

The next day after we got off the ship I called home again to talk to the kids.

When Rilyn got on the phone I told her we were on our way home and she said ..."Do I hear barking??"

 Um, she definitely did not hear barking. We were sitting in the terminal waiting on my mom and there was no dogs around.

I started feeling bad after I talked to her.

The poor child has been with out her parents for a whole 5 days and all she asks for is a Chihuahua from Mexico.

I mean, shes already promised she'd feed it and take care of it all on her own.

SO, I got on craigslist and began looking up Chihuahua puppies between Galveston and our home.

I got lucky, stopped on the way home and got her a puppy.

Now, I know what you are thinking... ANOTHER dog???

And my answer is: At least it's not another kid! :)

Right now, we only have Lexi, so this is only  #2.

When we arrived at Lubby's to get the kids and we put the puppy in a bag to surprise her.

She was asleep when we got there so we woke her up and the first thing out of her mouth was..."Where's my puppy?"

We tricked her and told her we were sorry that we couldn't bring her a puppy from Mexico.

She immediately started sceaming crying.

"Just look in the bag..we got you a surprise." we told her. LOL

She was ecstatic after she seen the puppy. And so was Raigen. C.J ... wasn't too impressed with it. We told them it was all of theirs to share.

So far things are going to with the pup... Rilyn, so far, gets up and walks him and feeds him. I have to say, she is a good little mama! :)

Meet Chico!