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Baby GIRL baby shower invitation! {ZEBRA}

A good friend of mine is hosting a baby shower for her sister-n-law. Here is the invitation I made for her!
Ofcourse I removed all personal info.

ANOTHER trip to the eye doctor!

A few months ago we noticed Rilyn squinting her eyes when she looks up close at things.. like a book or my phone. So i took her to the eye doctor.  Basically the doctor said it was normal and that her eyes are still developing.
Then a month later at Rilyn's well-child check up she failed her eye test, bad, the nurse said.
And they recommended me take her to a eye doctor asap.
I explained to them that i already had, and i told them what the doctor had told me. They said her eyes are still developing however, it is not normal to fail a eye exam this bad.
So yesterday i took her to have her eyes check again, this time at a different doctor.
And yup, she needs glasses! She was thrilled! LOL
Here she is in the new PINK glasses she picked out!
I don't think she could get any cuter!!


Our 1ST family pictures as a family of FIVE!
I planned on only ordering the one pose of our family...BUT the kiddos did so good!
Rilyn was a complete little diva, C.J. was just the perfect, easiest kid EVER to take pictures of , and Raigen, as you will see was a HAM!
(Double-click the picture to make it bigger)

Look at Raigen's FACE! LOL

You will probably think I am a complete weirdo, just as I am sure the lady taking our pictures did when I whipped out the fake mustaches for everyone!LOL
I wanted a 'different' funny picture...

This one is my FAVORITE! Everyone is smiling PERFECT!