Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rilyn's 1st trip to the eye doctor

 A few weeks ago we noticed Rilyn has been squinting her right eye.  At first I just thought  she had something in it.. but then we noticed her doing it alot.

I, being the over reactor that I am, freaked and immediately called to schedule her an eye appointment.

 Apparently she wanted glasses because on the way to the doctor she excitingly said "I am going to say that evvvvverything is blurry Mommy so I can get pink glasses!!"

I explained to her that Santa is watching her and that he knows if she is telling a story or the truth so she agreed she would tell the truth.

When we were finally called back to see the doctor  he began with a very, very large letter on the wall and asked her if she could tell him what it was.

She shook her head.

"I cant see it. Its too blurry. I want pink glasses.", I believe those were her exact words. In that order.

The doctor immediately looked at me... like .. did you know your child is blind????

I, again, explained to her that Santa was watching and that she better tell the truth.

He asked her again.

"Too blurry." She said squinting her eyes.

The freakin' 'E' was 2 feet tall!

She could see the darn thing.

"Okay, if you tell the truth I will take you to Incredible Pizza today." I bribed her.

"Its an 'E'." She quickly responded.

And magically after that she read everything perfect and passed her vision test.