Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rilyn's 1st trip to the eye doctor

 A few weeks ago we noticed Rilyn has been squinting her right eye.  At first I just thought  she had something in it.. but then we noticed her doing it alot.

I, being the over reactor that I am, freaked and immediately called to schedule her an eye appointment.

 Apparently she wanted glasses because on the way to the doctor she excitingly said "I am going to say that evvvvverything is blurry Mommy so I can get pink glasses!!"

I explained to her that Santa is watching her and that he knows if she is telling a story or the truth so she agreed she would tell the truth.

When we were finally called back to see the doctor  he began with a very, very large letter on the wall and asked her if she could tell him what it was.

She shook her head.

"I cant see it. Its too blurry. I want pink glasses.", I believe those were her exact words. In that order.

The doctor immediately looked at me... like .. did you know your child is blind????

I, again, explained to her that Santa was watching and that she better tell the truth.

He asked her again.

"Too blurry." She said squinting her eyes.

The freakin' 'E' was 2 feet tall!

She could see the darn thing.

"Okay, if you tell the truth I will take you to Incredible Pizza today." I bribed her.

"Its an 'E'." She quickly responded.

And magically after that she read everything perfect and passed her vision test.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rustic Name Signs!

It seems these are ever so popular now! Around here they sell starting at around $50 a pop... I went outside, took some pictures of 'alphabet' and started selling them for $25.00 each, any amount of letters and any color frame you want. And day one I had 14 orders!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Kiddos~

After church I thought I'd stop and try to snap some oictures of the kids.


I love Raigie face-- she was winking at me.
She kept saying... "I ink mama"


Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Fabulous Years!

Today, yes today,  is Joshy and I's FIVE year anniversary!

Wow! How time flys!

Five years and a few kids later here we are. Probably closer than ever. I love this guy will all my heart. He is an amazing father and sometimes a really great husband too. :)  He is the only person I know that can make me laugh when I'm mad and smile when I'm sad. I guess that means that we're in love...

I love you boo!

Rilyn's trip to the doctor and her Daddy's big mouth!

Yesterday we, meaning Josh and I, took our sweet four year old to get shots.

She is a our crybaby soft-hearted one so I told Josh he would need to spend his lunch break assisting me taking her to get shots.

I just knew she was gonna go berserk.

When we arrived  I began filling out some papers and Josh, does what he does best, and began running his big mouth!

First, he starts off by telling the crazy nice lady that he hasn't been to the doctor in like 10 years and that he cant even remember the last shot he had gotten.

"You haven't had your flu shot??" She gasped in complete shock.

I was sort of scared to tell her no, in fear she might report us to child protective services or something.

"Um, no." he said.

"Well you NEED to have your flu shot!"she practially forced/insisted.

"Everyone in the home should have a flu shot, it IS flu season!" She added.

I thought we could get by with just making sure the kids have their flu shots. I mean, they are all we care about... who cares if Josh or I get the flu??

Next, the B asked Josh and I if WE wanted to get our flu shot too??


Hold up.

Stop right derrrr!

We came to get our KID her shots, not us.

I did my time, I got my shots! I am a grown up now and I should NOT have to endure a pointless little stupid, dumb shot. Period.

I immediately said no.

"Come on.." Josh said.

"It wont hurt."

Trying to be the mom-of-the-year that I am. I agreed.

ONLY because I didn't want to back down to a wimpy little shot in front of Rilyn, not right as she was about to get 4!

Then, I'd be dipped in dog doo-doo if that witch didn't THEN ask us if we wanted to go ahead and get a tetanus shot too!


"Its good to have, you should get one every 10 years." She said.

And of course you probably know where I am going with this..........


Yeah, so I tell the nurse that I think Josh should go first, ya know, to show Rilyn that shots don't hurt.

I mean, I would have but I didn't want her to see me cry.

So, finally,  its my turn. I explained to the lady that I was in a hurry and it would probably be faster if she just put my two shots in one and gave it to me all at one time.

She said she coudnt. But I'm pretty sure  she was lying because one time when I took Lexi to the vet they gave her a 7 in 1 shot.

So anyway, .... as I am sitting there thinking... with my life flashing before my eyes... I wonder.....

Where did I go wrong?

How could one little trip to the doctor to get my child's vaccines end with me and her Dad both getting two shots too??

And that's when I came to the conclusion that Josh will NEVER, EVER assist me in taking the kids to the doctor again.


Ever, evvvvvvvver.

And let me add that I sincerely hope his arms are VERY, VERY sore tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We started out at a fall festival that one of the local church throws every year....

 They rode a train ride... some poneys too.

Stopped for some pictures in with the pumpkins!

But it was way too crowed so we left  to go trick or treating. And I think we picked the most popular neighborhood in Polk County because it was WAY to crowded there too!

After all that fun we took the kiddos to their favorite place for dinner, McDonald's!

The End.

This kid loves glasses!

 So, I picked her up a new pair at dollar tree the other day... and they sure do make her eyes really stand out!