Monday, October 24, 2011

Rilyn's Pretend Store

The other day while I was putting clothes up in C.J.'s room Rilyn came in.

"Welcome to my store!" She announced with her arms extended.

"What would you like to buy ma'am?" She then asked.

I was folding and putting up clothes and really didn't feel like pretending with her. I mean, we 'pretend play' 24/7 in this house. Seriously.

For instance, just the other day I heard her tell C.J...
"OK. Pretend like I am 16 and I go to high school."

"You not 16. You 4." He quickly informed her.

"Just pretend!!"She snapped.

"But you 4!" He argued.

THEN she ran to me and tattled because C.J. wouldn't pretend like she was 16. I explained to her that he does not understand how to pretend.

"I know! That's why I told him to just PRETEND LIKE I'm 16" She said.

Finally after many, many arguments between them (her and C.J) the new rule is that she cant pretend with him. 

So I get stuck pretending with her. Yay me.
Anyway, back to the story...
She asked me again, "So what would you like to buy ma'am?"

And just as I started to explain to her that I was busy and didn't have time to pretend right now she interrupts...

"We have all kinds of boy stuff in my store." she says with her sweet store-like person pretend voice.

"We have shoes, pants, shirts and even underwear hose."

"What are underwear hose??" I asked.

"Well ma'am. " She said calmly.
"You know.. they are kind of like pantie hose but for boys. They are underwear-hose."


And the funniest part of all is that they really do exsist!