Friday, October 7, 2011

Rilyn and Raigen's Candyland birthday!!

This year  I decided to combine both Rilyn and Raigen's party together. Their birthdays are 2 months apart, but December is just not a fun month to have your birthday. Last year it was WAY too cold. And plus, what kid wouldn't love to celebrate their birthday 2 months early? :)

I also talked it over with Rilyn and we decided to let C.J share the birthday as well. Each birthday kid even got their own special little cake to blow out. We wanted him to feel included in our family and my super sweet girls didn't mind sharing their special day with him at all. :)

This years theme was Candyland! And it turned out cute! I shopped around and found the perfect shirts for them to wear that said "I love Candy" and I had fun making all the giant candy pieces and the giant candyland board! The kids had a blast and each kid got a giant swirl lolly pop to take home. Below are just some of the pictures.. enjoy!