Friday, October 7, 2011


Recently Josh's grandpa passed away.

We all have a lot of great memories of Papa-pa and so id thought I would share MY favorite one. :)

Papa liked to cook.
It wasn't always a good thing, but for the most part it was.

I can remember many times going over to Robin and Ronnie's for dinner and Papa over cooking the chicken. LOL

Have you ever had jerky-chicken?..Its really kind of good. :)

I teased and told Josh someone should of brought some 'well done' chicken to Rachel's, after the funeral,  in honor of Papa. :)

Anyway.... back to my favorite memory.

There was one time when the whole family was over at The Longs.
Rachel had asked me to make a punch bowl cake and so she and I went to brookshire bros to get stuff to make it.

When we got back I started to make the cake... and I thought I'd play a little joke on Rachel.

Papa and I were standing in the kitchen and I started making the vanilla pudding.
I told Papa that I was making pudding but that I was going to play a joke on Rachel and tell her that it was the vanilla cake and that I had messed it up. He laughed.

Rachel came walking thru the kitchen.

"Rachel, I don't know what happened to this cake mix... its really, really watery." I said.

" I think I may have put too much water in it... look and see if it calls for 3 cups."

I don't remember exactly what she said... something like..."you retard!!! I have been wanting some punchbowl cake!!"

When she left the kitchen we all laughed because she totally bought it!

I left the pudding on the counter to thicken and walked out of the kitchen. I told Rachel to calm down because it was just a joke and that it was just the pudding that I was making.

When I returned to the kitchen to bake the cake I saw papa mixing my pudding.

"There you go!" he said.

"Bake that bad boy now!"

Confused...I asked him..."what'd you do?"

"Oh... just added a few eggs... some flour... and baking soda." he said.

I thought he was just adding to the little joke I was playing on Rachel so I laughed and told him it was OK because I had told her it was only pudding and not the cake mix.

He then looked very confused.

He said..."I thought you really messed it up, so I fixed it for you."

Now, I know I told him it was a joke... but obviously he didn't hear me because he then blamed me and said I probably didn't say it loud enough because he is hard of hearing! LOL