Friday, October 7, 2011

Castle Time!

Lastnight we put together the 6 foot tall color-able (if thats even a word) castle for the kids that they got for their birthday.

"Who got this for us?" Rilyn asked.

"Crystal, Paul, and Drake." I told her.

"Who's Paul??" Rilyn me a very confused look.

"Drake's Daddy, silly." I said.  I don't know why she was so confused. She has met Paul before.

WELL obviously she didn't remember him...

"Drake's daddy is old??" She asked... still confused.

Laughing.. I said  "no... Why do you think hes old??"

"Because! His name is PAW, ya know, like Paw-Paw!"

Hahaha....  :)

And YES we now have Mr. C.J.!  :)

He is absolutley the SWEETEST little boy EVER!