Monday, September 12, 2011

The Wishbone.

Little did I know something so sweet and innocent from my childhood past could go so terribly wrong.

This past week I was DE-boning a chicken to make some yummy chicken salad.

My mouth is watering as we speak!

OK, back to the story!
Anyway, I called Rilyn in to make a wish and break the wishbone with me.

I explained to her the rules.

It broke and I won.

It wasn't intentional, I mean, I did give the kid a chance.

Somehow I beat her, and...... it felt pretty good.

Yeah, yeah.... I know she is 'only three' BUT like her Dad says... "shes got to learn how to lose sometime."

Heck,  we played  5 rounds of Candyland the other night and she won EVERY TIME!

And when I gave up, I asked Josh "Aren't you tired of playing??"

They were only on their 12th game.

"Yeah, but Ive GOT to beat her! She has won every friggin' time!" he said. LOL

Anyway, so for a split second I was on top of the world!

THEN she started crying.... 

"What did you wish for Mommy?" She sobbed.

And quick thinking me produced this.." I wished for your wish to come true."

She smiled.

I smiled.

"What was your wish?" I asked her.

And that quick thinking little turd came up with this..."I wished , that you would wish, that my wish would come true."